My thoughts on the Adidas Terrex Two Ultra Parley

Changing the brand of running shoe you have come accustomed too, is not always an easy choice to make. Let’s be honest, I’ll go as far to say the option to change is not even worthy of consideration in most cases.

If you can get hundreds if not thousands of miles under foot with a particular brand, trouble free. Why risk it!

However, having been lucky enough to be gifted a pair of the new Adidas Terrex Two Ultra Parley trail running shoes by Maverick Race. I thought it only fitting to give a short review on my thoughts thus far.

First impressions from opening a pair of box fresh trainers were good, the thought even passed through my mind that there was a slight possibility that these trail shoes, could well be a contender to replace my current trusted reputable brand of trail shoe that I wear during my long run adventures.

The shoe its self, is light weight and as stated on the adidas web site, made from up-cycled plastic trash collected from remote islands, beaches and coastlines.

The heal of the shoe appeared to offer cushioning support and the tread looked aggressive with lugs that are approximately 5mm in depth (give or take my dodgy measuring).

There is also a sock type fitting around the ankle area, apparently this is designed to prevent unwanted debris entering the shoe. But more on that later.

Time to lace up!

Putting the shoes on for the first time the foot felt secure and comfortable and as I walked around I could feel the continental grip sticking to the ground. The foot whilst secure, also felt free and open and didn’t feel as though it was in a straight jacket due to the wide fitting the shoe offered and the woven uppers. I even had to check that I had done the lacing up correctly as it felt more like a slip on rather than a lace up.

For my first outing I covered around 10km over varied terrain. this was to try and induce as much foot movement in the shoe that I could muster in a variety of underfoot conditions.

Those 10km broke the shoe in quickly and my feet, whilst on the sweaty side, were in good condition with no signs of any heat spots, rubs or blisters.

Currently I have covered around fifty or so miles in the couple of weeks I have had the shoes and to date I have had no issues. In fact if they continue performing the way they are doing. I may have just found my new brand of go to ultra running shoe.

But as with everything, there are pros and cons and therefore I have listed my thoughts on these below:


  • Made from recycle material
  • Light weight
  • Cushioning / Comfort factor 10/10
  • Grip 9/10 – I still need to run in wet conditions to get a full appreciation of ground contact from the continental rubber sole.
  • Style / Look / Feel


  • Breathability – my feet feel rather sweaty even after short runs, however this may be down to the thickness of the sock I am currently wearing and it is certainly not putting me off.
  • Sock fitting – This is a nice touch and it should really sit with the Pros list, as it makes the shoe feel more secure, however on a couple of runs I have found debris has entered the shoe, which means due to the type of fitting, debris doesn’t always work its way out as easy as it would in an open shoe.

These are just my thoughts and I fully appreciate where I find positiveness in a product, others will not and vice versa.

However for those who run regularly with Maverick Race you will know that Adidas Terrex offer the option for runners to try out certain types of trail shoe, out of their current line up during race days. You can run your full race in a pair with no commitment to buy once you have crossed the finish line.

This is the perfect opportunity to test out a brand and style before you commit to spending your hard earned cash and I fully recommend you take the opportunity to do so.

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